Episode #22 [k] and [g]

15 January 2017

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Hi, I’m Darcy and welcome back to this week’s Real English video.

Today we’re looking at our last set of stop consonants, [k] and [g]. Stop consonants have complete closure in the mouth that stops the air from flowing. For [k] and [g], this closure is created by the back of the tongue touching the roof of your mouth.

[k] is voiceless which means that the vocal chords don’t vibrate, but [g] is voiced meaning they do vibrate.

[k], [g]. [k], [g]. [k], [g].

Here are a few words that differ only in these two sounds:
Kale, gale. Came, game. Back, bag.

And here’s a tongue twister to help you practice these sounds:
The great Greek grape growers grow great Greek grapes.

Give that one a try and see how it goes for next week.

Good luck and see you next Friday.