Episode #20 [p] and [b]

1 January 2016

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Hi, I’m Darcy and welcome to this week’s Real English video.

Today we’re starting the consonants. Today’s consonants are [p] and [b] which are stop consonants. This means that there’s a complete closure in the mouth that stops the air from passing for a short time.

For[p] and [b] this closure is created with the lips. To pronounce these sounds, you press your lips together. [p] is voiceless which means that, if you put your hands on your vocal chords, you won’t feel them vibrate. But [b] is voiced.

[p], [b]. [p], [b]. [p], [b].

Here are a few pairs of words that differ only in these sounds:
pill, bill. pull, bull. pale, bail.

And her’s a tongue twister to help you practice the [b] sound:
A big beetle bit the little bug, but the little beetle bit the big bug back.

Give that one a try and see how you go.

Good luck and see you next Friday.