Episode #2 Why practice pronunciation

22 April 2016

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Hello. Welcome to this week’s Real English video.

I’m Darcy and today we’ll be talking about why it’s important to work on your pronunciation.

Often when you’re learning a second language, the pronunciation is the most difficult thing. Have you ever wondered why people have foreign accents? It’s because of the differences between your native language and your second language, like English.

For example, if you speak Spanish, which only has 5 vowels, you might find it very difficult to pronounce all of the English vowels because English has over 10 vowels. So, if you pronounce the English vowels like your Spanish vowels, people might have a lot of trouble understanding you.

Similarly, if your language doesn’t have the ‘th’ sound, you might find this difficult. If you speak Chinese, which is a tonal language, you might have trouble with English intonation. Or, if you speak Korean, you might find English stress to be quite challenging because English stresses words differently from Korean.

But, no matter what your first language is, these videos will help you to improve your English pronunciation so that people will understand you better. Come back next week for our first pronunciation tip.

Good luck and see you next Friday.