Episode #16 [aʊ] as in ‘sound’

2 December 2016

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s Real English video.
I’m Darcy and today we’ll be working on the [aʊ] sound, as in the word ‘sound’. This is another diphthong which means that your tongue changes position as you move from the beginning to the end of the sound.

To pronounce this sound, your tongue starts in the low [a] position and moves to the [ʊ] position at the back of your mouth towards the top. In addition, your lips go from open to rounded.

[aʊ], [aʊ], [aʊ].

Here are a few words which use the [aʊ] sound:
doubt, loud, shout, mouth.

And here’s a tongue twister to help you practice:
Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds.

Make sure you practice for at least 1 minute everyday to see how good you can get by next week.

Good luck and see you next Friday!