Episode #15 [oʊ] as in ‘goat’

25 November 2016

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s Real English video.

I’m Darcy and today we’ll be working on the [oʊ] sound as in the word ‘goat’.

This sound is a diphthong which means that your tongue changes position as it moves from the beginning to the end of the sound. To pronounce this sound, your tongue starts in the [o] position at the back of your mouth in the middle and it moves to the [ʊ] position at the back of your mouth towards the top. Also, your lips get more rounded towards the end of the sound.

[oʊ], [oʊ], [oʊ].

Here are a few words with the [oʊ] sound:

Goat, load, showed, toad.

And here’s tongue twister to help you practice:

A tree toad loved a she toad who lived in a tree. He was a two-toed tree toad, but a three-toed toad was she.

Make sure you practice for at least 1 minute a day and see how good you can get by next week.

Good luck and we’ll see you next Friday.