Episode #12 The unstressed neutral [ə]

4 November 2016

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Real English video.

I’m Darcy and today we’ll be working on pronouncing [ə], the schwa vowel. This neutral vowel occurs in unstressed position or when other vowels get reduced. For example, in the word ‘terrible’, the first vowel is a stressed [e] sound but the second vowel is the neutral [ə].

To pronounce this sound, your mouth is open slightly, and your tongue is in neutral position.

[ə], [ə], [ə].

In the following words, the second syllable is the unstressed [ə]: history, symbol, central.

And in this word, the first sound is the unstressed [ə]: award.

Make sure you practice each of these words for at least one minute a day and see how good you can get by next week.

Good luck and we’ll see you next Friday.