FluentIQ will be your personal guide to speaking better English

We'll tell you how good your English is now, what to do to improve, and we'll measure your progress along the way.

1. Start with a check-up

How well do you speak English right now? The FluentIQ check-up will tell you. It’s easy to do and takes only 15 minutes.

2. Sit back and wait

Within a few hours of doing a check-up, we’ll send you an email to let you know your results are ready.

3. Actionable feedback

Your results include your FluentIQ score and a description of your current English ability. With a Premium plan, you'll also get feedback on the individual parts of your speech.

4. Chart your progress

Check in regularly to keep improving. We recommend doing a Check-Up every 2 weeks so that you can see your progress and update your learning plan.

Get Premium

If you’re serious about improving your English, then you need to focus your training to where it really matters. FluentIQ Premium provides detailed personalised feedback that helps you train smarter and learn faster. Here’s an example of the detailed feedback you get with Premium...

Test your English anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Use FluentIQ wherever and whenever you like: on a PC, Android tablet, or phone (iOS versions coming soon!).