Q: How do I use FluentIQ?

FluentIQ will show you which parts of your English speech need the most improvement so that you can focus your learning on those areas. Use FluentIQ regularly to keep seeing where you should spend your time so that you can improve your overall English faster.

Q: Why does it take 24h to get my results?

It’s important to us that your results reflect your English ability, not if you sound like a native speaker. In order to do this, humans are involved in the marking. It means that your results aren’t immediate, but it means they’re more accurate.

Q: How often should I take the test?

We recommend every 2 weeks. After you receive your results and see which parts of your speech to work on, this is a good length of time to be working on those parts and then see how you’ve improved the next time you take FluentIQ.

Q: What devices does FluentIQ work on?

FluentIQ works best on a computer with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. FluentIQ also works on Android devices when using Chrome or Firefox. Unfortunately, FluentIQ does not work on Safari or iOS devices due to a technical restriction. As soon as Apple has updated Safari and iOS with the required capabilities, we will have FluentIQ working as soon as possible.

Sign up & billing

Q: Why would I want FluentIQ Premium?

FluentIQ Premium allows you to test your English communication anytime and anywhere just like FluentIQ Basic. The big difference is that – alongside your FluentIQ scores and assessment summary – you will receive a full and detailed analysis of your current ability and exactly what areas of English communication you need to improve in order to become fluent faster. Learning English is a big task and in order to progress quickly, you need focus. FluentIQ will give you that focus from the moment you get your first detailed report.

Q: What happens when I upgrade to FluentIQ Premium?

When you upgrade to FluentIQ Premium, your last set of test results will be available immediately via your dashboard. Just click the dashboard tab, review your summary, and get practicing!

Q: How does payment for plans work?

Your credit card is charged every month or year, depending on which plan you signed up for. You can cancel your plan at anytime in your account area. And – we have a very simple refund policy…if you don’t like our service and want a refund, we will immediately honour your request.

Q: I have more questions

If you have other questions apart from signup and billing, you can find more frequently asked questions in our help section. You can also contact us at [email protected]