At FluentIQ, we know that - no matter how long you have been learning English - using English in the real world is always going to be a huge challenge.

Our mission at FluentIQ is to help you improve your English for the REAL world.  This means that – when the need arises to speak, be understood, and understand in English, you will be ready.

  • We believe that no English learner can improve their English unless they know exactly where to begin. FluentIQ begins with an accurate self assessment which provides a starting point for all future development.
  • We believe that self directed learning is effective because your motivation combined with any time access, means that you can improve your English every day. FluentIQ is your constant companion and pathway to improvement.
  • We believe that learning English is a huge task and everyone in the world learns in a different way and at different speeds. FluentIQ will tell you exactly what YOU need to work on so that you can concentrate your efforts where you need them.

Our team is made up of some of the smartest and passionate people we know and each of us is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams – at least as far as learning English is concerned!

So – whether you want to go to Harvard, get a job at a company that requires good English, or emigrate to Australia – FluentIQ will help you achieve your dreams.

So – join us – and Speak Better English!

:) The team at FluentIQ