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FluentIQ is a completely personalized coaching app that focuses on improving your real world English speaking and listening skills.

Whether you’re wanting IELTS practice, are about to go for an English language interview, or just wanting to speak English fluently, FluentIQ will help you!

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How does FluentIQ work?

FluentIQ helps you to improve faster by identifying exactly where you have problems so that you can focus your practice and improve quickly.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… (and 4)!

Why use FluentIQ?

FluentIQ will help you improve your English faster so that you can get:

  • A competitive advantage
  • Higher English test scores
  • Entry to better schools
  • Hired faster and into better jobs

Designed with your learning in mind

Real world English

FluentIQ is focused on English in the real world, not just the classroom.

Actionable feedback

Get specific and helpful feedback on the parts of your English that need help.

Accurate and Reliable

Our leading-edge diagnostics mean that you can truly rely on the feedback we give.

Fun and Easy

FluentIQ is easy to use and you'll love it when your scores start to rise!

Anytime, anywhere

Use FluentIQ on your PC, Android tablet or smartphone. (iOS is in the works!)

Free and unlimited

Our Basic account is forever free. Use it as often as you like!

"With FluentIQ, I get exact feedback on my pronunciation which means I can focus only on the places I need to rather than trying to improve the whole thing."

Elizabeth, University of Canterbury Master's student
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